Our practice is dedicated to helping you and your family protect your wealth, your wishes, and your priorities across generations.

Fiduciary Services

Black’s Law Dictionary says that a Fiduciary is a person having a duty, created by his undertaking, to act primarily for another’s benefit in matters connected with such undertaking.

Attorney Mateya has practiced law for twenty years in Estate Planning and Administration in Central Pennsylvania, I have seen the need for a professional fiduciary who understands the responsibilities of confidentiality and accountability. He has served on the advisory board of a large Nursing and Continuing Care and Retirement Community, and is presently on the real Property, Probate and Trust Law Council for Pennsylvania.

Through many years of helping people manage their estates, Mateya Law Firm has helped individuals with modest means as well as those with high net worth. We have learned one thing is certain – trust is something that is earned, not granted. With that in mind, Mateya Fiduciary Services was created to work within the trust of each unique client. We are sensitive to each person’s individual needs, and we never take any action which would break that trust.

What is included in Fiduciary Services?

Fiduciary Services are as varied as the personalities of each individual. A fiduciary steps in to do whatever is necessary. With that as a backdrop, fiduciary services often include:

  • Paying bills and keeping records of things like utilities, taxes, maintenance agreements and the like;
  • Assistance with the Power of Attorney document as well as the Health Care Power of Attorney document;
  • Keeping good records of income, outflow, whether that is in a simple checking account or in a trust account or something similar;
  • Working with an accountant if necessary to prepare income taxes;
  • Making sure nursing home and medical bills are paid;
  • Helping make arrangements for travel – whether it is to a doctor’s appointment or to DollyWood; (we’ve done both!)
  • Helping maintain a normal life, as much as possible.