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Attorney Mateya has done a great job.  I am satisfied .Things I didn’t know about were taken care of.  I am happy with the service and the wonderful way things have been handled.

Estate Administration, William A., Carlisle, PA

I had hoped to find a lawyer within my church, giving me reassurance that our religious beliefs would be similar. I met a man who attended my church who mentioned Mark as his lawyer in a conversation and he highly recommended Mark.  I did research online and felt that Mark would be what I was looking for to assist me in my estate planning.

I have a complete Will and Testament, Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, and Power of Attorney.  Mark explained every step clearly and answered every question, and understood my concerns, giving me suggestions when decisions were difficult.  I did not feel intimidated meeting with him as a lawyer.

I now have my long overdue Estate Planning completed. Mark and his staff were wonderful in each step of the preparation.  I will recommend Mateya Law Firm to others without hesitation.

Estate Planning, Beverly S., Carlisle, PA

When one is not used to dealing with legal matters, it is difficult to decide which attorney will work best for the matter at hand. In my case, I was fortunate to choose Mark to help me probate my sister’s will when she passed away. He was very understanding of my situation, the grief that was going through, and the areas where I would need help in settling the estate. The anxiety I had turned to calm recognition when I realized that he had the knowledge and expertise to carry out the procedures necessary. He is not only well versed in this area of work but is a caring person, taking the time to make sure that I understood everything as it was developing and discussing items with me until I was comfortable with what was happening at the moment. I would recommend Mark to anyone who is in need of help with their legal matters.

Estate Administration, Nancy, G., Carlisle

I live in New York, and my Mom passed away recently in Mechanicsburg. As executor of her estate–tangled with a warring stepfamily–I had no idea who to contact or how the estate process worked. I found the Mayeta Law website through a random search-and was glad I did. Mr Mayeta returned my phone call, and was extremely generous with his time to guide me through the process. He has an amazing ability to “connect the dots” in the details I offered, and gave me a professional assessment of what I might face or gain by pursuing legal action. Through his suggestions, I opted to leave things they way they were, with a clear understanding of what it might cost, and what I could stand to gain. Anyone who finds themself in a similar situation, would do well to contact this law firm.

Estate Administration, Curtis R., Hudson, NY