We have had more cases come our way – some as referrals from other lawyers and some responding to our website or radio ads – where a loved one died without a plan. Planning is showing your loved ones that you care. Failing to plan. . .? Yeah, that’s what it shows.
When the client comes in who wants to stay in the house that mom owned, but mom didn’t leave a will – he has to contend with the intestate laws, not to mention his siblings. When the investments are going to be divided between all of the siblings evenly, even though one of the siblings has special needs and could really use the extra help, there is little that can be done.
To be sure – it is still possible to rearrange the way the gifts are received by the siblings. You just need them to agree to not receive their inheritance instead of receiving it. One recent case saw all the siblings agreeing to allow the funds to go to one of them who had helped mom for the past three years of her life. How sweet. Until it was time to write the checks. When each realized that there was actual money attached to their name, they took the money.
Could mom have prevented this? Certainly. Write a will! And don’t trust the online will kits that someone sells or promotes. You wouldn’t pull your own teeth. You hire a dentist. You wouldn’t buy your house without the aid of a realtor. You don’t enter a very important contract without hiring an attorney to review it. Don’t write your own will – the document that will distribute all of your financial wealth when you leave this place.
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