You can make an enormous difference in someone’s life by the way you create your last will & testament. Your gifts can create opportunities for your beneficiaries for years, perhaps generations, to come. Let me explain.

Suppose you know of a charity which helps educate children around the world, or one that responds to emergencies within the United States. Your gift to that charity will help educate children or rebuild a flood-ravaged home.

You might be saying “I’m not rich. What good will my $500 or $1,000 do?” Let me tell you, it will do plenty. Suppose one person in Pennsylvania, you perhaps, left a $1,000 gift to a charity that helps Americans through disaster relief. If one person in each of the other forty-nine states did the same, that would be $50,000 given to help this worthy cause. This type of a joint effort can change the course of history for the families who are helped.

The media will never cover your $1,000 gift as a newsworthy event. But you will have the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference.

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