An article in Forbes Magazine from April of 2014 cites many statistics, among them the fact that approximately 64% of Americans do not have a Last Will & Testament. Some studies put that number closer to 50% or 55%. None of these numbers represent good news. So why is this the case?

The most common reason people give is that they simply “never got around to it.” Dave Ramsey of Financial Peace University fame has a good thought for those people. He says “Do you hate the people in your life? Die without a Will! They’ll spend years fighting each other over who gets your stuff.”
Writing a will is not fun because it makes us face our mortality. No one wants to think about dying, we want to enjoy living. It’s just easier to take the Ostrich approach.

My suggestion is to think about your legacy. Instead of thinking about dying, think about what people will remember about you ten years after you have passed away. What will they say about you? Will it be “She sure left a mess for us to clean up, dying without a will.” Or perhaps it will be a silent smile as they see the item on their book shelf that you left for them in your last will & testament. You remembered them.

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