The first time we tried to have all of Mom’s estate planning documents reviewed, she balked. She did not want to address ‘that stuff.’ We weren’t in any hurry for Mom to need a will or a power of attorney document, but we also didn’t want to be in an emergency situation later, trying to hurriedly get done what should have already been in place.

The second time (probably six years between the first and second attempts) we were more insistent, and Mom was slightly more amenable to the task. Never mind that we had to sit on either side of her at the local Eat-n-Park and not give her any way out before she would sign the documents. I may be exaggerating, but only a little.
Today, five years after that eventful morning, she is glad to have all her documents in order.

None of us is happy to discuss these estate planning/end-of-life matters. Who wants to talk about what happens to all of my chotchkies after I die? We don’t want to talk about dying. Most of us are uncomfortable talking about dying. And therein lies the problem in helping Mom through her power of attorney document. I don’t have many answers in how to address these issues. I simply know you need to start that conversation, and the sooner the better in most cases.

We knew our Mom would be reasonable. Eventually. And she has been. You? In your situation? You know your Mom, your Dad. You need to prayerfully approach this subject with them, probably more than once, in order to get the ball rolling.

Send us your ‘how I had the talk with my parents’ story. I would love to hear them, and maybe even run one or two of them. Till next time. . .