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Mama Zoom

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Mama Zoom

There are a lot of voices giving you advice. I have personally limited my online time and find that having fewer voices chatting, telling me what to do is a good thing. A very good thing. As an estate planning attorney, I am often asked about the veracity of the many “fill in the blank” will kits that are out there. And I do try to stay up to date, to see and hear the latest feedback. I also go online myself to try it out, to make sure I am not taking someone else’s jaded word s, like […]

Multiple Executors – What Happens When You Have More Than One Executor and They Don’t Agree

2020-01-24T09:18:04-05:00January 24th, 2020|Estate Planning and Administration, General|

You may say “That sounds crazy!” What is not to agree about?!? People are going to inherit money, there is no income tax to be paid, the estate is paying all of the bills. The Executors simply need to agree on how to “divide the pie.” I wish is were that simple.

When Executors fail to agree on how to proceed in the administration of an estate, things can slow down to a crawl. Even to a dead stop. Deadlines can be missed. Opportunities to save money through discounts are squandered. Bills go unpaid, even though there are sufficient funds sitting […]

Planning Is Everything!

2019-12-04T16:11:18-05:00December 4th, 2019|Estate Planning and Administration|

We have had more cases come our way – some as referrals from other lawyers and some responding to our website or radio ads – where a loved one died without a plan. Planning is showing your loved ones that you care. Failing to plan. . .? Yeah, that’s what it shows.
When the client comes in who wants to stay in the house that mom owned, but mom didn’t leave a will – he has to contend with the intestate laws, not to mention his siblings. When the investments are going to be divided between all of the siblings […]

One Couple Uses Their Will to Bless Many

2019-04-17T10:21:34-04:00April 17th, 2019|Estate Planning and Administration|

A couple without children of their own, were able to bless hundreds if not thousands of young people by leaving a very generous gift to their local community college, Harrisburg Area Community College.

Attorney Mateya has discussed how charities and non-profit organizations can be beneficiaries in a will.

Is there someone you would like to bless with a gift in your will? Call us today – we write wills. We can help you bless others and leave a legacy.

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