Taking Care of Your Parents: My Own Story

Taking Care of Your Parents Blog: My Own Story

The View in the Rear View Mirror

2018-11-16T14:54:08-05:00November 16th, 2018|Taking Care of Your Parents: My Own Story|

 I have had to have to review the actions that my brothers and I have taken with regard to the care of our mother. Reviewing each chapter and each decision involves a little bit of reliving the past hurts and (the few) triumphs. Making the decision to help mom into the next phase of her life was hard. Reliving it was not as hard, but perhaps with less joy and focused purpose than the first time around.

          My brothers and I love our mom and would do nearly anything to help her […]

My Story – Caring for My Aging Parent – Introduction Video

2018-10-19T14:22:13-04:00July 18th, 2018|Taking Care of Your Parents: My Own Story|

Attorney Mateya shares his story of caring for his aging mother. So many people are facing this struggle – listen to his story about how he and his brothers have dealt with all of the difficulties and joys of this season of life. There are no right answers, but sharing thoughts can help you feel less alone, and possibly give you some new ways to approach it in  your own life.

A more detailed account can be found in the written blog found here.

Taking One Day At A Time

2016-09-28T12:59:25-04:00September 28th, 2016|General, Taking Care of Your Parents: My Own Story|

As an author who values words and tries not to touch a cliché with a ten foot pole, I was hesitant to use the title “One Day At A Time” for this post. Unfortunately, it fits the situation very well. What I have experienced with my mother in her mild and slow decline is that there are days when we have a delightful discussion about things at hand. We talk about the squirrels on the trees, trying to answer the question “What is the butterfly bush’s attraction,” and so on.

There are other days when I am not sure she fully knows who […]

Now That Mom Is Safe, Are We Happy?

2017-02-24T14:50:43-05:00August 24th, 2016|General, Taking Care of Your Parents: My Own Story|

We’ve seen a decline in mom’s memory and her abilities for the past two and a half years. We used to be concerned that she was at home alone and could fall and be hurt, or worse. When she was in assisted living at the Nursing facility, she was a part of what the staff called their “frequent faller” program. She rarely did more than slide down onto her bottom, but it happened enough that her falls were charted. So giving her a ‘safe’ place to live didn’t stop the falling; it simply put her into a location where there […]

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