I know it’s no fun to think about this topic, but you are going to leave a legacy when you leave here. For better or worse, you will leave a legacy. I am going to use the next few blogs to cover topics you need to address as a part of your estate plan. If you have a Last Will & Testament in place, that’s great. Look at this blog and the next few as reminders of other steps you need to take.

Be sure that you leave more than just your Last Will & Testament behind. Your Executor will be looking for information about you, like your birth date and your social security number. Were you in the Military? Be sure your Executor knows about it, and knows where to find your discharge papers. What was your mother’s maiden name – Yes, he will need to know that!

You should let your loved ones know some details about your life, not just because they may need them at the time of your passing, but also so they can share in your life, your heritage. Where did you go to College? High School? Grade School? Are there stories attached to your days in grade school that you wish they know? Now is the time to write them down or record them via audio or video.

Important papers like Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Decrees, etc. Any legal paperwork that you have that your executor may need. . .be sure he knows where you keep them. Put yourself in his shoes – and then go an extra mile. Find a great story from each decade of your life and write it down for your loved ones to read. This can be a great exercise, and can help you to see how much you have to be thankful for, no matter the struggles you have faced!