When a loved one passes away, you might feel the need to ‘rush in’ and take care of all of the loose ends and details. Don’t do it. Your family or loved one’s family needs you right now. Keep your focus there, where it needs to be.

          Of course, there are funeral arrangements and similar details which must be addressed in a timely manner. Beyond that – most of the issues surrounding estate administration can wait. Give yourself time to grieve your loss.

           The first deadline in most estates comes 90 days after the date of death. There is ample time for you to contact an attorney to assist you through the process.

            After that, the next deadline is either at the six month or nine month mark (or both). A professional can work through the process with you to be sure that you are not carrying the heavy part of the load. Your attorney should be right there with you to explain each necessary step.

          Please contact Mateya Law Firm to help you with your estate planning and administration needs.