I ended my last “Mom” blog with “Give your aging parent the dignity they deserve.”  As anyone who is dealing with their aging parent knows, this is sometimes easier said than done.

Insisting on taking up a rug, replacing a piece of furniture or taking away the car keys are changes that are happening “to” your parent. They are not changes that your parent is making on his own. This is uncomfortable, yet most of us justify it in our minds with some version of “It’s for their own good.”

Think back to when you were a teenager and your father said “You can’t stay out until one  AM. It’s for your own good.” Remember how much fun it was to hear that? Now the roles have changed, and you are the one who is helping to make decisions for your parent. . .”but it’s okay, it’s for their own good.”

I am not suggesting that I have a special answer to make things easier. In fact, many of these decisions are not easy. But they are necessary. My admonition is to try to keep your aging parent’s wishes and their dignity at the front and center of each step you take. Make their olden years their golden years, to the best of your ability.

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