When you are writing your Last Will & Testament,  it brings up many thoughts. No one likes to dwell on their mortality, so the entire process can be rather dark. I want to help you change that.

          You can leave a legacy by making a gift in your Will. You can craft this gift in any way that you choose, within some very broad guidelines. Your gift can be contingent on something external, like “If my son is married at the time of my demise, I give him my home at 123 Main Street. If he is not married, then my home at 123 Main Street goes to my daughter.”

          Your gift can be a specific amount or a percentage of your estate.  The point is that this is your money and you can leave it to whomever you wish. The SPCA, your church or synagogue, or your alma mater.

          If you gift a specific amount, you can direct the gift’s use, as in “I give ten thousand dollars to my church to be used to purchase a new piano.” Or “I leave twenty thousand dollars to my college to purchase new equipment for the science department”.

          If you gift a specific item, it can also be a directed gift, such as “I give whatever car I own at the time of my demise to ‘Meals on Wheels’ to use as they see fit,”  or “I leave all of my hunting and fishing gear to the Youth Outdoor Program at my church.”

          The point is this is your chance to leave a legacy, beyond your family. Please contact us at Mateya Law Firm in Carlisle PA. We will be happy to assist you and to help you leave a legacy.