There are a lot of voices giving you advice. I have personally limited my online time and find that having fewer voices chatting, telling me what to do is a good thing. A very good thing. As an estate planning attorney, I am often asked about the veracity of the many “fill in the blank” will kits that are out there. And I do try to stay up to date, to see and hear the latest feedback. I also go online myself to try it out, to make sure I am not taking someone else’s jaded word s, like “It was perfect – just like talking to a real attorney,” or “This thing STINKS!”

I thought I would again address this question, since the question has come around again with the latest, “Mama Bear Legal Forms.” I realize that anyone who reads this might say “Of course you don’t like it! It takes away business from you.” Actually, it generally has the opposite effect in the long run. A form that lacks the ability to form to your unique needs (and there is no thing as a one size fits all Will any more than there are one size fits all clothes – except for the MooMoo, but I digress) creates problems later, when it is time to divide your estate.

I have been hired by beneficiaries of badly drafted estates and by executors of badly drafted estates because everyone is fighting over what this poorly drafted Will says – and often over what it failed to say and left in the gray area where fights begin. This is why we refer to Mama Bear and Legal Zoom as the “Attorneys Full Employment Act.” Your loved one should have hired one attorney to handle things efficiently and for a reasonable charge. Instead, mom and dad thought they would save a few dollars and go to Mama Zoom (my morphed name for them) to create a Last Will & Testament to divide their finances (which they hired a Financial Advisor to manage) and their real estate (which they purchased with the assistance of a professional realtor).

Here is a review of Mama Bear Legal Forms from Dave Ramsey’s Website.

Very Disappointed with the Will Forms

Review by Karen L. on 10 Jun 2020 review stating Very Disappointed with the Will Forms
My husband and I paid to create two wills (one for us each). We were very disappointed that the forms are so simple and can’t be customized for our particular needs. There should be a way to answer the prompted questions but also insert some customized wishes and add some designations. We feel that we wasted $258.00 because we can’t use these wills and wish we could be refunded.

Don’t trust your legacy – all that you have earned and all that you hold dear – to Mama Zoom. Contact an attorney that you know and trust. Contact us here at Mateya Law Firm. We would be honored to help you with your Last Will & Testament and to leave the Legacy you wish to leave.