My brothers and I made the difficult decision to have Mom move into an assisted living facility.  She did not like the move, but that is to be expected. She wanted to stay in her home of over 50 years. . .also to be expected. But now that she has been in her new ‘home’ for a month, what does she think?

            “Everyone here is so nice,” when she is speaking of the staff. My advice on this issue, as an estate planning attorney, and not as a son who is trying to care for his mother, do your homework. We are not surprised to hear that ‘everyone there is so nice.’ One of the reasons we settled on this facility here in South Central PA was its stellar reputation for kindness. A truly Christian approach to care giving.

            “The food here is wonderful,” a comment that she makes to me each time I visit. I already knew the food was wonderful. Do you know how? I ate it. I arranged to drop in and have a meal on more than one occasion. And she’s right, it’s wonderful. Again, as an estate planning attorney who is trying to pass along a tidbit of advice. . .do your homework!

            And we see her making new friends. There are three ladies with whom she eats her meals. She has been seen singing in the ‘large room’ that has a grand piano. She has begun to make friends – and this is in her first month here.

            So has our journey ended? Hardly. But her life has taken a turn and, to put it into the words of one of her caregivers, ‘she is blossoming.’

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