So we have made the necessary arrangements, we moved Mom into an assisted living arrangement which agrees with her. We have removed her from the house which she loved but which had become more of a threat than a comfort. We know she is sleeping better at night without the worries of taking care of that big house. My brothers and I are certainly sleeping better at night knowing that Mom is safe and has caregivers down the hall, should she need them.

          Are all of our concerns dealt with? Are we happy, knowing that we did the right thing for Mom (I am not going to address the financial decisions we made or will still have to make. . .that is outside the scope of this discussion)?

          If you are like us, your heart aches for having things ‘the way they used to be,’ when Mom tended her own garden and spent time in her own kitchen making our favorite meals. When Mom asks “Am I going to live the rest of my life here?” how do we answer?

          No, everything is not complete. There is more, much more to be done. But these are personal matters, not legal matters. They are matters between family members — only God and family members can address these issues of the heart.

          Take courage and do the right thing for your aging parents. Allowing your aging parent to stay in their her house, even when the stress of house ownership may be harming her own well being, may not be the best thing you can do. But understand that, even when you do make those hard decisions and you know what you are doing is ‘right’ for her situation, Mom still needs you. Hugs are invaluable. Phone calls, priceless. Visits from familiar faces can make her new home seem not quite so different after all.

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