The time had finally come where we could no longer be assured that Mom was safe, living in her own home. We had endured several rounds of  “your mom has fallen” phone calls from her caregivers. My brothers and I debated, discussed and dragged our feet for as long as we could. Due to another fall, this one leaving her bruised but not seriously injured, the next step had come.

          We orchestrated a few days of moving Mom out and into a temporary location with a 24 hour care-giver while we readied her new living situation with a reputable assisted living facility. One brother took care of Mom, another brother loaded a van with furniture from Mom’s house that would make her new location feel like home, at least a little bit. We all converged on the site and readied her apartment as best we could.

          Mom was not happy with the move, but after her last fall – a close call with which could have created damaging  injuries – she was resigned to the move.

          When she finally arrived at her new home, I believe we were more nervous than she was. All of her boys around her made her smile. This was followed by a visit from one brother and his significant-other the next day. She was okay…but are we okay? More on that and following our story as we continue.

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