Remember “My Three Sons” from the hay days of  black & white TV? Well, my two brothers and I are, perhaps, this generation’s version. Back then, Chip and Rob were worried about making Uncle Charlie mad if they brought mud into the living room. Today, these three sons have a few larger issues on our minds.

          “Did we do the right thing?”

          “Is Mom going to hate us for taking her away from her home that she lived in for over 40 years?”

          “Will Mom thrive or will she merely survive?”

          If you are asking yourself these questions because you have already moved your parent into a nursing facility, or if you are feeling the need to do so, you are not alone. Like so many things in life, we do not get a specific instruction booklet which says “When your mother takes her third fall, then is the appropriate time to move her into assisted living.”  We have to make the best decision  we can. Weigh the facts, talk to your loved ones, and then make the best decision you can. I have personally also learned that prayer works.

          The questions we face assisting our aging parents are not easy, and they don’t come with instructions. But we have to do our best to help them. . .for many of our aging parents, we are all they have.

          So what about our mom? She is thriving. She does still say that she misses her own house, but she also understands that she needed the move for her own good. We can see, probably better than she can, that she is looking healthier. She is involved with activities nearly every day (we rarely find her in her room…the staff calls her a ‘social butterfly’). We are so happy that she is doing well, and still considers us her ‘three sons.’

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