If you have read the blogs here, you know that Aunt Gertrude has been taken advantage of by her niece Milly in several different ways. So who should Aunt Gertrude tell about this? Where should she go?

            She should tell those she trusts about the way someone is taking advantage of her. But what if the person who is taking advantage is the one who is supposed to be looking out for her? What then?

            Here in Pennsylvania, we have an Elder Abuse Hotline, at 1-866-623-2137. “The Elder Abuse Unit was created to address financial exploitation, scams and fraud targeted at Pennsylvania’s senior citizens. The sole mission of the Elder Abuse Unit is to investigate and prosecute criminals who attempt to exploit our large population of older residents.” This was taken directly from the Attorney General’s website.

               The Attorney General has a well-trained group of investigators who will review your complaint. The Attorneys there are familiar with the issues which face our senior citizens like Aunt Gertrude. There is a place to turn.

                Please contact Mateya Law Firm to help you with your estate planning needs, including the Power of Attorney document. We can also assist you if you are the victim of power of attorney or other elder abuse. Please contact our office at 717-241-6500.