Estates may be settled with an informal process or through a formal accounting. An informal family settlement agreement is used whenever appropriate. A formal accounting, as the name suggests, is more formal, time consuming and detailed.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a vested interest in knowing where assets are located and knowing that those assets are being taxed appropriately. It is for this reason that some formal or informal accounting is necessary in the administration of the estate.

The distribution of the assets of the estate, after all of the taxes, debts and expenses have been paid, is normally the final step in an estate administration.

When distribution to a charity is a part of the will, we will work with the Attorney General’s Office to insure that we comply with all of their requirements. We will help you see to it that distributions are made according to the decedent’s wishes.

Whatever you need as you consider your obligations to your family, the things you want to accomplish with your estate after your death and the way you want to be remembered in your estate plan, Mateya Law Firm is here to help you leave the legacy that you desire. We will be your partner and your family’s support as we all work together.

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