Mateya Law Firm Living WillThe Terry Schiavo case of several years ago underscores the need for every person to have the appropriate advanced medical directives, including a Living Will. The purpose of these documents is to make your wishes known concerning your end-of-life desires.

Pennsylvania’s statutory language, which complies with the federal HIPAA laws, helps create the basis from which your family and loved ones can operate, should you be unable to make these decisions for yourself. My office will be happy to assist you in making these decisions and explaining how the legally operative language will affect you.

We recommend an advanced medical directive, a medical power of attorney and a living will for each person’s estate plan, whether the Last Will and Testament is a simple document or part of a more complex estate plan. We believe strongly in everyone being prepared. Having these simple documents in place today can save your family from heartache tomorrow in a time of crisis.

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