A durable power of attorney appoints a person as an agent for the principal (you) and authorizes the agent to “step into the shoes” of the principal in handling affairs on your behalf. The agent is empowered to act on your behalf until you either revoke the durable power of attorney or die. The durable power of attorney remains in effect after you become incapacitated. This document is often helpful in maintaining financial stability and authorizing appropriate financial documents if you become incapacitated, which can be either a short or long term situation.Power of Attorney

A limited power of attorney can be drafted, granting only those powers that you desire your agent to have. A limited power of attorney may be advisable in certain circumstances.

The actions which an agent, also known as your attorney-in-fact, may take on your behalf are governed by the power of attorney document as well as the laws of the Commonwealth. Mateya Law Firm has worked with other professionals to develop language which is designed to combat the rising incidents of abuse of the power of attorney document. You should act wisely when choosing a person to serve as your attorney in fact. We will be happy to assist you in making this determination. We will also take the time to instruct both you and your agent on the proper use of the power of attorney document.

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