Charitable trusts are used by both those who have a charitable intent as well as those who are attempting to minimize their estate taxes. These trusts operate within a statutory framework where the assets’ ownership are transferred to the charitable trust. The income or interest generated by the trust is paid to whomever you designate in a charitable remainder trust with the remainder going to charity. This is switched in a charitable lead trust – the income or interest goes to a charity and the remainder goes to your loved ones.

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  • Charitable Trusts will generate an income and benefit the charity of your choice.
  • Charitable Trusts take advantage of the current tax laws and benefit your loved ones and the charity of your choice.


Mateya Law Charitable Trusts

These trusts will benefit both your designated beneficiaries as well as the charity of your choice. Whether a lead or remainder trust is best for you is a decision that Mateya Law Firm can assist you with.





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