Grandma was now safe. She was no longer living in an unheated, barely-sanitary home. She was receiving her medications and was able to see all of her family, not just Willy. But the story was not quite over.

There were procedures to follow with the local Office of Aging in order to bring Grandma home. The office in both McKean County and Cumberland County had to be involved in bringing Grandma home. The family was now able to see her, if they wanted to make the many-hour trip.

The hope of the family was to assess all of the expense of the entire ordeal against Willy who had caused all of the trouble. Willy, it turns out, was receiving disability income. He was not able to underwrite any part of the expense that he had put the family through. And if we tried to reach his assets, we may find ourselves fighting against the Social Security Administration! The family abandoned the thought of recouping their financial losses. They simply wanted to bring Grandma home.

The subsequent legal documents which were filed eventually allowed a guardian to be appointed for Grandma. This required a hearing in front of a Cumberland County judge. The newest Power of Attorney document was helpful in smoothing the way.

Things finally calmed down. Reba and Luann were happy that mom was being cared for properly and that they could put this entire episode behind them. Until Willy appealed one of the multiple Orders which wrapped up the case against Willy and in favor of Grandma, Luann and Reba. That is where we will pick it up next time.

*The names and addresses in this story are fictionalized in order to protect the real life characters herein.