This is our mom’s second Christmas at her new home in assisted living. Last year was her first away from the home that she had lived in for over five decades and she often talked about missing her home and missing the way things used to be. Today, she talks about her friends and how they have enjoyed making Christmas crafts, how so many of them have friends or family visiting, and “My, isn’t it nice to see you again!”
    Our story is like so many others. My brothers and I have tried to make the best decisions we can for our mom’s care. Now, a year later, it seems clear that our mom in thriving. My, how our roles have reversed.
    When we were young, our mom & dad decided what was best for us. They weighed the pros and cons of where we lived, what we spent, and how we lived our daily lives. Today, we are making most of these same decisions for our mom. Our dad has been gone for many years, so it’s up to us to do our best.
     If you find yourself having to switch roles and be the decision maker for your mother or father this Christmas, take some comfort in our story. Not every story turns out the way you hoped it would, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a happy ending.
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