When the day comes that your parent can no longer remain in their own home safely, reflect on all they have done for you. For each of us, this is a different story. Look at your childhood.  It may have been like “Leave It To Beaver”, with a loving, nurturing family in a safe neighborhood.  Perhaps it was less than that, or perhaps it was the opposite. Even if there was abuse in your past, that was then…this is today. If your aging parent or grandparent is no longer safe to be in their own home or apartment, they need you to step up and assist them.

          If that means you have to not look back at your past – you have to decide to forgive your family member for their past transgressions, do it. That was then, this is today. Your holding on to hurts and anger will not affect them. . .they already need help. But holding on to that anger will hurt you.

          If your parent was loving and caring, now it’s your turn to be the same. Do your homework. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ‘have the talk’ about nursing care or assisted living.

          My mom has been in assisted living, some place she said she never wanted to go, for about four months now. She has made friends, she attends nearly every social event, she has ‘her ladies’ that she takes her meals with and she is in much better health.

          Will that happen for you? I don’t know. I hope so. Buy you won’t ever know until you start your journey. Your mom (or insert dad, grandma, aunt, uncle, sister or whomever) needs you. Don’t let them down.

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