Taking Care of Our Aging Parents “What do you have there?” 


“Then let me see it.”


This might sound like a conversation between you and your five-year-old who is suspiciously hiding something behind her back. It could be. Or, it could be that your aging parent just walked into the room while you were reviewing a brochure for the local nursing facility.

As an estate planning attorney, I assist my clients in drafting wills, powers of attorney, living wills, trusts, and all manner of documents which help put their estate plan in place. But sometimes, the legal documents are the easier ones to draft.  The “entrance document” for an assisted care facility can be far more daunting.

And it is not just researching how to best care for your aging loved ones that takes time. You have to navigate the financial requirements and balance your needs against your resources. This isn’t often easy, and it isn’t much fun. So you may not be in any hurry to pull that brochure out from behind your back to explain what it is you have in mind.

The best advice I can give is “begin.” Don’t wait for the ‘right time,’ begin today!

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