My siblings were involved in a long, drawn-out fight over my father’s estate, something he would have never wanted. I sat on the sidelines for about four years, watching them scratch and claw at each other through their attorneys. It was very sad.

I hired Attorney Mateya. I understood that he was an experienced estate litigator. He took the time to listen to my story and review the pleadings and the small mountain of paperwork which had been filed and came up with a plan. He was willing to both negotiate on my behalf, and go toe-to-toe with opposing counsel.

Within thirty days of his entering the fray on my behalf, we had an agreement in principle.  My father’s estate was finalized within a few months of that date.

I would recommend Attorney Mateya to anyone who has an estate litigation issue in the mid-state.

Estate Litigation, Greg W., Carlisle