“Your mother has fallen,” was how I began several of these blog entries, recounting our struggle to keep Mom in her home where she wanted to be while still trying to protect her health, not to mention her dignity. This time, the call came that she had fallen, but it was different.

          “She looks like she got checked into the boards by Kevin Stevens,” was the description my brother gave me. Mom was rushed to the Emergency Room, she was immediately taken for a CT Scan, and told that she could not remain alone any longer.

          Mom tries to take it all in stride, but it is becoming clearer that she cannot make her own decisions. . .that she is not completely capable of reasoning what is in her own best interests. So we turn to the opinion of trained professionals.

          What followed the fall were days of tests from medical and Occupational Therapy professionals, both at their offices and in her home. Then nurses and more therapists. The verdict was unanimous. Mom can no longer live in her house. The latest fall happened with a care giver standing right there. A split level house is not conducive for an 88 year-old woman who is shaky on her feet.

          So we have two directives that we are trying to follow: “I want to live in my own house until I die” and “Your mother can no longer live in her house.” My brothers and I are wrestling with the options. Clearly, we are going to move mom into a safer environment.

          Now, someone has to talk to Mom. . .