I have not made a new entry here for months. Some of you who have lived through the difficulty of memory loss with a loved one know that it is sad. One of the things I have consistently said, and I truly believe, is that I am sure God never intended for anyone’s life to come to an end in this way.

I have lunch each Thursday with mom. She is always pleasant. She remembers me and knows who I am. Most of the time. Occasionally she will say something like “Does Mark know you’re here?” to which I pleasantly respond, “I’m sure he does. I made sure to let him know.”

Mom was vibrant, loved walking, enjoyed talking with the neighbors. She enjoyed being in the kitchen, or working in the garden. That is the mom I remember.

Mom’s caretakers are wonderful. They keep her comfortable. She never lacks for company. Her pleasant attitude makes her a staff favorite. She is not demanding to those around her. Is often heard calling people “honey.” I’m glad I can have lunch with her. I often talk about our home town and old neighbors or old stories. She smiles and listens.

I’m glad for all the years I have had with mom. . .