As we look to the future for our mother, the considerations have changed considerably. We talk about who has or hasn’t seen mom lately. We talk about the friends she has made, the way she has become social once again, and how we never seem to be able to reach her by phone, only to learn – each and every time – that it is because she is out ‘visiting’ with her friends at one or the other of the social rooms. These are all reasonably pleasant considerations.

A year ago, we were discussing the most recent time mom fell outside, and the neighbors had to rush to her rescue to help her. We were talking about mom having to ascend and descend stairs in her split-level house, and how we were concerned for her safety.

The conversations certainly have changed. It was difficult, making the decision to move mom into assisted living. We all were concerned…were we doing the right thing? Now, one year later, the answer is a resounding Yes!

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