People often can be heard saying “What’s the use,” whether it is out of frustration or anger. It may be out of exhaustion or desperation. “What’s the use?” It’s more of an exclamation than a question. When it comes to planning your estate, “What’s the use” has no place.

“Why? What’s the use? My family will get everything anyway, right? “

Maybe. Maybe not. It depends.

“What’s the use? The Government will just take it all when I die. . .why bother with planning?”

The Government can certainly be one of your biggest beneficiaries if you don’t plan well. Just look at the Onasis estate. Or didn’t you know that the reason for that fabulously high priced auction of Jackie O’s estate was simply to pay the estate taxes!

“What’s the use? I’m no millionaire.”

Perhaps not, but with proper estate planning, you can leave a legacy behind you that reflects your wishes and your morals. You can bless those you wish to bless. And. . .with proper use of some very simple estate planning documents, you can create wealth for those you leave behind you.

If you have not taken the time to put your affairs in order, you need to do so. Without a well drafted estate plan, no one will be sure your future wishes are carried out. It is not a costly affair to have a will created by a qualified attorney. The entire package of protective documents will help ensure that your wishes are followed.

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