You are going to leave a legacy when you pass away. This is not a happy thought, I know. None of us wants to think about our mortality. Leaving a legacy is not only for the wealthy. In fact, with some basic planning, you can be sure that you leave a legacy that is fitting – is what you want.

        It’s not all about money.

        It’s not all about land, houses and things.

        It’s not all about creating scholarships, or leaving gifts to your church or synagogue.

        It’s about making sure that the things that matter to you the most are cared for in a way that reflects your wishes. That might include money or houses or scholarships, but it might be much simpler.

        Your estate planning documents, chiefly a last will and testament, are how you address the disposal of your worldly possessions.  They are also a place to direct some of those possessions to accomplish things that, perhaps, you were unable to accomplish on your own. 

  • Funding a private donation to a loved-one who has long-since cut you out of their life…but your caring for them has never stopped. They will hear, through your testamentary actions, how you feel about them.
  • Including a letter to be sent after your demise to your sister, telling her how much she meant to you and including a monetary gift that only she would understand.

        Your estate planning attorney can assist you in creating plan that will insure that you leave a fitting legacy behind you.

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